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I am back!

I am back to my nest in London after a very very long holiday in India. And I literally have to force myself to sit down and write for my blog. It’s not that I don’t want to start or continue writing for my blog or that I don’t have anything to write about, but! Yeah this “but” is killing me. Maybe I am missing everybody and the fun I had back home. The funny part is that I even had my laptop and a reliance wireless connection with me to update my blog regularly, still I was so lazy or so busy with my family having fun that updating my blog was nowhere on my mind.

Now that I have manage to overcome my laziness and prepared myself for my daily chores, In my next post I will write about my days in India and a pure village wedding of Punjab and also very important, my first ever visit to Delhi.

Happy 2008!

Wishing you all a Ha – Ha Happy New Year!

May we all have a great 2008!

Merry Christmas!

And what a Christmas, everything is standstill. Complete London is on halt, buses and underground nothing is working. What am I doing? Sitting at home and sipping my soup, I am not feeling very good. Bloody weather is sick outside, raining, dark, cloudy and -3 and I still have shopping to do for my India trip, waiting for after Christmas sale. London is famous for its sale starting on Boxing Day and continues till mid of Jan.

I spend my evening watching lovely movie “Love Actually”. Have seen this movie hundreds of times and still can watch it again and again.

Today’s horoscope

There is something about your aura, attitude and manner which pull people to you time and again. Giving advice, support and showing the way is, in a way, your ‘karmic’ path in this lifetime. And this path indirectly helps you too, as helping people facilitates erasing ‘karmas’.

What a beautiful and relaxing thing to read about myself. Well, every word mentioned in my today’s horoscope is true. Not going ga-ga about myself but I am a helping nature person. I like to give advice and help people around me, even if they don’t need it… But now I have learned to take a chill-pill about all this giving advice and helping people stuff, after I had some bad experiences….. bhalaayi ka to zamaana hi nahi hai!

I believe in all this karma stuff, am a very religiously fearsome person. Total believer in God and everything related to it but not orthodox! You can say I am a 50-50 of modern and old fashioned person. Total believer in God still I have reservations for people who cheat in the name of god, like all these so called saints, mahatmas and gurus now a days. Everyday we see a new face of Mahatma giving lectures on how to leave our life and what not to do to avoid being in hell after death. Who the hell knows what’s up there!

But that doesn’t mean being nasty to others, I believe in saying “Swarg Narak Yehi Hai, jo boya hai wohi kato ge”.

Very happy today!

Tickets booked, Mumbai, Here I come!

Dying to eat pani puri and bhel puri. Going shopping to Gandhi market for latest trend in Punjabi dresses especially the patiala salwars. Actually I am getting ready for my brothers wedding happening in Hoshiarpur. I love weddings, balle balle!

This is funny!

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